We are a community of individuals that love sharing memes and creating crazy backstories for a fair few of them. This started off on Facebook in a group called Absurd Signs. Due to the nature of Facebook, politics between members caused some of the group to break away. We have been trying to create our own space on the internet for some time now, the first one looked promising – but there was no customer support to help us, the second the customer support was second to none, but we lost features left, right and centre, and now we have the third, which is Rocket Chat.

Rocket Chat is available on these platforms:

Rocket Chat has all the features you would expect from either Discord or Slack, but with the added bonus that the server you use is your own. After a few failed attempts at trying to deploy an app, we are being a bit conservative and are using Rocket Chat’s own apps. This does mean you have to add our server first before registering an account. If we find more people are using this platform, then we will look at a white-label solution, with our own branding but with all the features intact.

To get onto our server, first, download the app for your phone, add https://chat.absurditiesgroup.com to the Workspace URL in the app, and then register. We have designated rooms such as Absurd Signs, General Memes, Political Memes, Predictive Text Games and an NSFW room. We also have a FAQS room which gives you all the reasons why we are doing this, as well as a FUQS room for those jokes that have gone too far and now are an entity of their own. We have reactions, comments and threads that are easy to read as well as Giphy and Tenor for those that love posting gifs.

Our Community Standards are always at the touch of the screen and we are well moderated too. So if you are fed up with Facebook violations, and want your humour to have less restrictions (so long as they keep in line with our standards!) then what are you waiting for?