Who We Are!


Absurdities International LLC is the company behind the meme posting platform Absurdities Group.

Posting memes over the internet is nothing new, what is new is that there is a social media platform built just for this, a place where you can share memes, create funny stories around them, with all those features you'd expect from a Social Media Platform, but without the ai violations, the targeted adverts, and support is given to you by humans!

Are we crazy? You bet!

What We Stand For!

Freedom Of Speech

This is being eroded everyday on Social Media.

Freedom Of Expression

The freedom to express onself online.

No Data Mining

No, we just sell you t-shirts and mugs!

No Ads

Our platform will remain ad free!

Net Neutrality

Using the web without restrictions

No AI bots

Our admin team on our platform are humans!

Meet our Founders!
Co-Founder, CEO, Marketing
Tee Jay
Tee Jay
Co-Founder, CEO, CTO
Platypus of Judgement
Platypus Of Judgement
Community Standards Officer